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Next Deaf Club is on March 23

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The Canberra Deaf club has been such a great advocate in the deaf community for a number of years. Deaf people across the canberra region have attended the club where they feel like it is their sanctuary to interact with their friends or acquaintances and to meet new people. This club is run by volunteers in their spare time.

Given it's history of the club, attendence has dwindled over time and the club has dissolved in the mid 90's as a result. About a decade later, Laisarn Leong who was the first deaf president of the Canberra Deaf Club and was determined to bring it back to life. She organised the committee board to create events for deaf people to socialize and interact with others which has been successful for many more years to come.

Typical events include a number of fun activities for deaf people and their families or friends to participate such as golf pitch, putt putt day, ten pin bowling, picnic day and riding bike around the lake. Intitally, the club was set up at Braddon club and later moved to Southern Cross Club in Woden.

At this time of writing, Mark Parkinson is the current president since Laisarn has moved interstate. We will always be grateful and appreciate all the effort that Laisarn had put into making it happen.

The club's original mission is to provide a place for deaf and hard of hearing people and their families or friends. Auslan students and even anyone who is keen to learn sign language are more than welcome to join! The club is open to everyone and entry donation is a gold coin ($1 or $2) and no membership is required. However, you will need to be a member of the Southern Cross Club. More information here

This website has been created to promote future events and to circulate important information. The club provides continuous support of Canberra's non-profit organisation for the deaf – DeafACT

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